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When it comes to sleeper prospects that aren't too high on anyone's draft board, it's him. He's a left-handed scoring combo guard that can stroke it from three and penetrate with the best of 'em. DJO is someone that will be really hard to guard in the NBA after he gets his feet wet because of his all-around skill set enhanced with his strength at 215 pounds.

DJO's success in college is yet another hint to his coming success in the NBA -- and he will be successful. He's a good athlete and long enough to play the two-guard position.

In my eyes, he's Toney Douglas 2.0. Toney, coincidentally, was the 29th pick overall in the 2009 NBA Draft selected by the Lakers but then sent to the Knicks that night. Toney was a lot like DJO in college. Their biggest similarity, of course, is their knack to put the ball in the hoop. Douglas averaged 10.6 points per game in 2010-2011 on a Knicks team that made the playoffs.

Johnson-Odom would be a great fit for the Bulls. Not only could he be a back-up ball handler, but a safety-valve shooting guard in the rotation as well as a rookie. He's one of those guys that will translate nicely to the NBA with his play style.

With the possibilities of Derrick Rose being out all year and the fact that C.J. Watson could be waived to rid of his contract before July 11 so the Bulls won't have to pay as much on the luxury tax, Darius could be an ideal fit and pick-up for Chicago that late in the first round.

Look for DJO to slide-up the draft boards in several mock drafts in the coming weeks.

ford.djosh@gmail.com (Darin Ford) May Thu, 07 Jun 2012 02:02:40 +0000
29 Days Till Pick 29: Day Six, Scott Machado http://www.hornstothehardwood.com/2012-articles/may/29-days-till-pick-29-day-six-scott-machado.html http://www.hornstothehardwood.com/2012-articles/may/29-days-till-pick-29-day-six-scott-machado.html Scott Machado isn't the most anticipated player coming out of college but he is definitely a versatile one. His strength is finding the open man for a shot, which is mainly why he led the NCAA in assists this past season (9.9 apg).

When Machado wasn't finding forward Mike Glover or guard Lamont Jones he transitioned his game to scoring helping him with an average of 13.6 points per game this season.

Machado reminds me of an non-flashy Rajon Rondo. He can pass great and has showed he can lead a team with post and perimeter scorers. No, he isn’t nearly as good as driving as Rondo, but seriously who is as a point guard?

Machado fits into the Bulls' roster because of what he has already showed in college. Consistently moving the ball and then bringing it together with a step back or a drive that keeps the defense on their toes as Derrick Rose did.

With Rose likely out all season and the unknown factor of C.J. Watson it wouldn't be a bad choice to invest in a point guard that can take in minutes quickly like he did for Iona.

Machado isn't the best point guard available, but when it comes down to needs the Bulls need to express the lack of depth at point guard without Rose. Even with Watson healthy he is aging putting Chicago at a need for a young guard that can potentially be in a sixth man role.

At pick 29 it wouldn't be much of a reach, but you don't have a big a risk of losing him before the selection. So, if Machado one of the top available and the Bulls still see a need then watch for his name to be called, there's no doubt Chicago would consider the idea.

Collin Wilson is a sophomore at Barnesville High School in Ohio. Wilson has been a sports writer since June 2011 and has worked with Darin Ford at every stop he's been. You can read more about Collin on our Staff page.

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29 Days Till Pick 29: Day Five, Orlando Johnson http://www.hornstothehardwood.com/2012-articles/may/29-days-till-pick-29-day-five-orlando-johnson.html http://www.hornstothehardwood.com/2012-articles/may/29-days-till-pick-29-day-five-orlando-johnson.html Orlando Johnson, is the the 29th best draft prospect in this years field. And ofPhoto from Bleacher Report course ... who has that pick? We do.

The 6'5" high scoring guard averaged double-digits all four years of his college career. (A career that started at Loyola Marymount before transferring after his freshman year.)

Orlando is one of those prospects that is NBA ready. His size, strength, length and skill set will take him to places unknown. The kid can really ball and is a steal -- much like Tony Wroten Jr. is -- at the No. 29 pick.

Orlando shot well over 45 percent from the field and 36 percent from three in his college days. However, Johnson did see some struggles from the charity stripe his senior year, only connecting on 4.1 out of every 5.9 free throws per game -- just 69.2%.

He's not quite Marcus Thornton but could see a career trend that's devilishly similar. Another case similar to his? Courtney Lee. (Which is probably the best comparison.) Both Lee and Johnson came from mid-major college programs that put the ball in his hands at all times. Lee, for those of you that remeber, was a rookie on the Orlando Magic when they reached the Eastern Conference Finals in '09. Johnson can be something similar to what Lee was to any playoff contender. Defensively he'll have to continue to develop, but offensively, Johnson is ready for the league.

UCSB was not only able to rely on Johnson to be a scorer but a rebounder as well, he grabbed a little under six boards a game.

Putting up the numbers that he put up, it's surprising that he never really got on the national radar. (Something that Courtney Lee, Steph Curry and Jimmer Fredette all got.) Maybe UCSB's struggle to outshine a much better Long Beach State team in their league, the Big West, hindered the team's ability to really reach that national stage.

In the NBA, Orlando Johnson could be 20 points plus a night guy, given he's in the right offense with the right coach. That's obviously not as a rookie. Probably not even before his third year. If he continues to work at it he could be a really nice player and tremendous pick-up for the Bulls.

ford.djosh@gmail.com (Darin Ford) May Tue, 05 Jun 2012 01:42:28 +0000
29 Days Till Pick 29: Day Four, Tony Wroten Jr. http://www.hornstothehardwood.com/2012-articles/may/29-days-till-pick-29-day-four-tony-wroten-jr.html http://www.hornstothehardwood.com/2012-articles/may/29-days-till-pick-29-day-four-tony-wroten-jr.html Tony Wroten Jr. is one of the most interesting players in the 2012 NBA Draft without a doubt.

The 6'5" 205lb. combo guard can flat out score. He's long, very athletic and has a tremendous amount of upside. But, with every player packed with upside, your bound to come across some lows in his game. Tony may be a good scorer, but he needs some work on his jumper and needs to pay a little more attention to his shot selection.

Tony Spent last season -- his only season in college -- at the University of Washington. His team won the Pac-12 regular season championship but failed to close it out in the conference tournament. Wroten Jr. averaged a little over 16 points per contest in '11-'12. He also compiled over 3.6 assists and 5 rebounds per game proving his versatility and overall package.

ESPN's Chad Ford notes that Wroten Jr. could be a great passer down the road due to his size and vision. Rondo? No, not quite. However, I think with the right tutelage, he could be close.

Now like I said when it comes to guys with lots of upside, they're all over the board with their games. Well, Tony is all over all NBA draft boards. ESPN has him slotted at No. 23 whereas NBADraft.net along with several other services alike pinned Wroten Jr. somewhere around the 33rd overall selection, maybe even deeper.

Wroten Jr.'s size is uncanny for his position and that needs to be noted. He's bigger than Gilbert Arenas and we all know how much success he had in his career -- well, the early part of it at least.

In reality, Wroten Jr. falling to Chicago at No. 29 is not likely, but it would be a steal for the Bulls.

ford.djosh@gmail.com (Darin Ford) May Mon, 04 Jun 2012 00:35:16 +0000
29 Days Till Pick 29: Day Three, Tyshawn Taylor http://www.hornstothehardwood.com/2012-articles/may/29-days-till-pick-29-day-three-tyshawn-taylor.html http://www.hornstothehardwood.com/2012-articles/may/29-days-till-pick-29-day-three-tyshawn-taylor.html Tyshawn Taylor is projected as a late first to mid second-round pick. If the draft was today, I would slot him somewhere between the 32nd and 36th pick. But I think that NBA GMs will fall in love with his skill set, play style and body type. Tyshawn's length and strength will enable him to play the point guard position in the NBA very well.

The 6'3" 215lb. combo guard from Kansas has been through a ton. He doesn't neccesarily have "baggage" but the kid  has been through a lot of trial and error. He is a proven winner and has won a lot during his four years at KU under head coach Bill Self. 

Bill Self regards highly of Tyshawn, "I've always liked Ty. I've always loved him as a player. No question. And I have always liked him as a guy. If I was in college I would want to hang with Ty. He's a cool kid, I think. 

"I think Ty's been a guy that has gotten in his own way some. He has put himself in a position for a large part of his career where he probably didn't know that I liked him as much as I do. And now without question I think he knows that I really like him. I really like this kid. I think he's been about as big a treat to coach as anybody I've ever had. And I've always been fond of guys that have to go through some stuff to get where they eventually end up and he's had to go through some stuff. 

"But he's been a treat to be around. He's emerged as one of the better leaders we have had since I've been here."
Tyshawn needs to continue to work on his three point jump shot in order to be a really tough guard for defenders. His balance in the lane as he goes to finish s terrific  and always seems very court savvy. Much like Doron Lamb -- our topic of conversation yesterday -- Tyshawn is very smooth and never seems to rushed.

Tyshawn was really the same player his first three years at Kansas. A solid wing with a lot of ups and downs. His senior year, Tyshawn really figured it out and really improved as he was slotted over to the point guard position.

Tyshawn also has some success internationally. He was on the 2009 U-19 World Championships and led the team in scoring. USA was able to take the title back home when the won the whole thing.

If you ask me, there isn't a big difference in situations between his this year and to that of Reggie Jackson -- taken with the 23rd pick by the Oklahoma City Thunder last year -- and Norris Cole -- taken with the No. 28 overall pick, ended up with the Miami Heat after a slew of trades sent his draft rights all over the place. Both Cole and Jackson were strong and athletic combo guards that saw a lot of success in their college career. The way Cole has made an impact on a good championship caliber Heat team makes me think that Taylor can do the same thing for any team, especially the Bulls.

Obviously the hanging question all off-season and during the season this upcoming year will be whether or not 2011's Most Valuable Player, Derrick Rose, will be in uniform or not. The Bulls could certainly need more help at the two guard position, -- as I've noted before -- but, without Derrick Rose they will need another true combo guard to help out whoever the starter may be. In Tyshawn's case, I think he could contend with C.J Watson for it if the depth chart stands as is. Clearly it's C.J.'s starting job if D-Rose doesn't return but Tyshawn would get a solid amount of minutes for sure.

Now look, I know for sure I'm going to baffle some readers right now but, I'm prepared to say it ... Tyshawn Taylor could see the same career trend that current New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin has seen so far.

The two are extremely similar in body size and touching shoulders with their play styles. I think that the better the team Tyshawn is on early in his career the better he will be.

Tyshawn played with over 6 current and future NBA players. Those being: Sherron Collins, Cole Aldrich, Marcus Morris, Markieff Morris and soon-to-be Thomas Robinson. Taylor and Robinson led KU to The Final Four this past season with a pretty depleted roster. KU lost to Kentucky in the championship game.

So to wrap-up, look for G Tyshawn Taylor to really climb up the rungs of the NBA Draft in the next couple of weeks. In all honesty, I think that Taylor would be one of the best fits for the Bulls with the No. 29 overall pick given D-Rose can't return until 2013-2014. If Tyshawn is available when GM Gar Forman has his turn to select someone, the Windy City fans aught to be pretty ecstatic.

Tyshawn can be a career 10pts, 3reb, and 4ast a night guy for a playoff team, no question. He's truly one of the most underrated players in this years draft.]]>
ford.djosh@gmail.com (Darin Ford) May Sun, 03 Jun 2012 03:32:07 +0000
29 Days Till Pick 29: Day Two, Doron Lamb http://www.hornstothehardwood.com/2012-articles/may/29-days-till-pick-29-day-two-doron-lamb.html http://www.hornstothehardwood.com/2012-articles/may/29-days-till-pick-29-day-two-doron-lamb.html Yesterday we talked about John Jenkins. Today? Doron Lamb from Kentucky.

The 6'4" guard is one of the best shooters in the draft this year. Lamb is also one of the smoothest players I've seen in a long time. When I say smooth, I mean that he just looks so cool, calm and collected out there even in the most extreme moments. Smoothness can often be confused with laziness. Even with that said, Doron is far from lazy.

Not only is his mid-range game pristine, he can score at the basket too. Lamb's wingspan and terrific athletism also allow him to be a cagey defender that can cause a lot of turnovers by deflections, interceptions and steals from the ball-handler.

I had the privilege of watching him in person at The Final Four. I personally enjoyed watching him play the most -- yea, even more than Anthony Davis. Doron always seem to be in-control of his emotions mentally. His toughness shows in late game situations all the time as he's been one of Kentucky's go-to guys for the last two years.

To wrap-up talking about his college days, Lamb is a winner. In just two years at UK, Lamb went to not only two Final Fours, but he won a championship in New Orleans this year with Anthony Davis, Marquis Teague, Terrence Jones and Darius Miller by his side -- all of whom will be most likely drafted on June 28 (Miller is the only projected second-round pick right now).

Now to some Bulls talk.

How would he fit in? Is he a first-round talent? Can he play the two-guard position in the NBA?

All of those questions above are stumpers. Answers to those questions? Well, yes, yes respectively.

I think that Doron can me a Randy Foye type of player. Not an All-Star, but could start for about 15% of the teams in the league. And at No. 29 in the first round, that's a steal.

Doron wouldn't be the answer at the two this season, but would be a great fourth guard in the rotation. He could easily back-up an aging Richard Hamilton and a -- no offence -- offense-less Ronnie Brewer. Doron could be the second point guard in the rotation behind C.J. Watson if the Bulls decide to not re-sign John Lucas III and Derrick Rose ends up being out all year. There have obviously been rumblings about the Bulls upgrading at both the point and shooting guard spots. Only time will tell on that one.

When comparing today's topic, Doron Lamb, with yesterday's, John Jenkins, I don't seem much of a difference in impact for the Bulls. I think that both would be great fits. Lamb is younger and longer, whereas Jenkins is probably the better ball-handler and give the Bulls more backbone if the Bulls lose Rose all year.

Check back tomorrow for the third installment in the 29DTP29 feature only here on Horns to the Hardwood! ]]>
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29 Days Till Pick 29: Day One, John Jenkins http://www.hornstothehardwood.com/2012-articles/may/29-days-till-pick-29-day-one-john-jenkins.html http://www.hornstothehardwood.com/2012-articles/may/29-days-till-pick-29-day-one-john-jenkins.html
Yesterday I previewed the idea of this new feature -- 29DTP29 -- at the same time of analyzing ESPN's Chad Ford's mock draft that he released after the lottery results were out. In that article I pointed out how he thinks that John Jenkins from Vanderbilt will be the Bulls' selection so far.

So, on the first 29DTP29 column, I'm talking -- or reiterating -- the idea of John Jenkins.

Since I already talked about the situation in depth I'm just going to link you to the article here. Tomorrow, I'll really dig deep in another idea of for a draft resolution. Make sure you keep your eyes out for it as it will be a nice feature for the site. Thanks, come back!]]>
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ESPN's Chad Ford Slots Vanderbilt Guard As Probable Selection http://www.hornstothehardwood.com/2012-articles/may/espns-chad-ford-slots-vanderbilt-guard-as-probable-selection.html http://www.hornstothehardwood.com/2012-articles/may/espns-chad-ford-slots-vanderbilt-guard-as-probable-selection.html pick in this year's lottery.

Obviously, our beloved Chicago Bulls are slotted with the 29th pick in the first round of the 2012 NBA Draft which is 30 days from now to the date. (The draft is on June 28th.)

In that mock draft -- which is actually the fifth he's drawn up this off-season -- Chad was able to really dig-deep with the selections and think about the best fit for each team as the lottery much like the next sixteens picks in the first round were set in stone.

Ford's column was only visible to ESPN Insiders, fortunately, I have an account so was able to see what he was saying first hand.

At No. 29 Ford said that former Vanderbilt 6'4" sharpshooting guard, John Jenkins, was the most probable selection for the Bulls that deep in the draft. I agree, given he's there, and they're are some other names that aren't there.

Jenkins does a have a stroke, a nice one. He can defend very well also. Jenkins is a great combo-guard who will fit very well behind Derrick Rose in the coming years -- given GM Gar Forman gives his name to Commissioner David Stern. Jenkins is far from anything like Ray Allen or Eric Gordon for example but I think he can prove to be a very solid pro due to his strength, skill and shooting ability. Another highlight of Jenkins' resume is the fact that he comes from a winning culture at Vanderbilt -- one of the only two teams to knock off eventual NCAA Champion Kentucky Wildcats this past season -- under head coach Kevin Stallings.

Ford wrote: "The Bulls need a shooter and Jenkins has one of the best strokes in the draft. His super-quick release and ability to finish at the basket make him an interesting prospect here." (Sounds like a guy that's watched the Bulls a time or two this past year, hmm?)

Following this article, Horns to the Hardwood will start a new feature: "29 Days Till Pick 29." This feature will be one of our writers breaking down the best fits, players, case scenarios, et al for the Bulls on draft day as they are indeed seated with the 29th pick in the first round of this years draft.
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For Your Calendar: Rip Hamilton To Sign Autographs In Public http://www.hornstothehardwood.com/2012-articles/may/for-your-calendar-rip-hamilton-to-sign-autographs-in-public.html http://www.hornstothehardwood.com/2012-articles/may/for-your-calendar-rip-hamilton-to-sign-autographs-in-public.html
Rip will be signing autographs in person at Macy's State Street tomorrow (May 31st) from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. CST. All you have to do is to purchase something in the Macy's men's department. ... But, you must as quick as you can because Rip is only able to sign for the first 250 fans that show up. (Note to remember: you MUST purchase something -- anything -- in the MEN'S DEPARTMENT at the Macy's on State Street.)

Give us a shout and send us your thoughts and let us know how much you love Rip!

Now, to celebrate Rip's decision, let's take a look at a highlight reel of his first game with the Bulls in the video below.

Special thanks to Liz Kores of Kores.org for handing us this information, thanks Liz!]]>
ford.djosh@gmail.com (Darin Ford) May Thu, 31 May 2012 03:58:17 +0000
Looking Back At 2011-2012: Scalabrine's Hi-5 Caught On Tape http://www.hornstothehardwood.com/2012-articles/may/looking-back-at-2011-2012-scalabrines-hi-5-caught-on-tape.html http://www.hornstothehardwood.com/2012-articles/may/looking-back-at-2011-2012-scalabrines-hi-5-caught-on-tape.html
Yes, December 25, 2011. Not only did everyone rush down their steps to stalk what was hiding under the Christmas tree, but every NBA fan had a little treat to savor throughout the whole day. That treat? Opening Day for the 2011-2012 NBA Season.

I remember it very well. I was watching games all day. Knicks-Celtics, Heat-Mavs, OKC-Orlando, Clips-Warriors and of course Bulls-Lakers. I remember the Bulls-Lakers match-up by far the most vividly, without a doubt. It was by far not only the best game of the day -- with NY vs BOS a close second -- but, it was the third of five games so it was being played right in the middle of the day.

As I was vegging out on the couch working on my website and it's new design at the time, I caught the most peculiar thing just as the first quarter came to a close and the buzzer went off on the sidelines near the Bulls' huddle. Check it out: Originally this video was published on SportsRelease.net (the website I mentioned earlier) but didn't really serve a purpose but humor. Now, here on HttH, it's both meaningful and humorous.

Hopefully we'll be able to see Brian Scalabrine pull plenty of other funny acts like the one above, and if he does, we'll note it. ]]>
ford.djosh@gmail.com (Darin Ford) May Tue, 29 May 2012 06:25:47 +0000