Welcome to HornsToTheHardwood.com! For ease, we'll often stylize our site's name into "HttH." (Basic, but we know.)

HttH has been around on the Bloguin Network and the Web since 2010. However, after a 5 month drought in early 2012, Bloguin CEO Ben Koo hired new -- now current -- editior and manager of the site, 16-year-old Darin Ford. The move was made official on May 10, 2012, when Darin signed the deed -- or contract if you want to be boring -- to the site.

HttH will strive everyday for perfection and the pursuit of the ultimate brand of pristine Bulls coverage.

Ford's vision for HttH is to see it on top of Bloguin's Network monthly in not just pageviews but frequent returning visitors.

Check back here everyday and be sure to grab our news feed and share us on Facebook, Twitter and by E-mail.