Written by Kyle Samples | 30 June 2012

Lets start with Luol Deng:

Participating in his first Olympics he decided to put off surgery and in-turn would miss the beginning of the Bulls Season. Luol has now decides to put off surgery all together meaning he will be ready at the start of next season. Bold decision was it the right one? I hope so comment and tell us your thoughts!

Derrick Rose, The MVP:

Derrick Rose had his surgery on his ACL as we all know already. Surgery went great and his was expected to miss 8-12 months... Rose is ahead of schedule and could be back as early as December to participate in most the the Bulls season. I personally can't wait to see the MVP back in action he is hungry to get that ring. Derrick rose will return like this...... (Watch Video)

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Written by Darin Ford | 29 June 2012

Below are reactions on Marquis Teague getting drafted to the Chicago Bulls with the 29th pick last night:
  • Chad Ford, ESPN: "The Bulls got the 19th-ranked player on our Big Board with the No. 29 pick. So, not only did they get the best player available here, but they filled a need. With Derrick Rose out for the start of the season, Teague might find some minutes right away. Teague is still learning his craft as a point guard, but he is super quick, gets to the rim and was an emerging shooter at Kentucky. The fact that he's used to playing with pros (see the '11-12 Wildcats roster) and has won a championship doesn't hurt. Virtually every scout I spoke with thinks he has much more potential than his brother, Jeff. Given that Jeff is the starting point guard in Atlanta, I think the Bulls made out very well."
  • John Hollinger, ESPN: "Marquis Teague of Kentucky has talent to spare and star upside. The question is whether he can harness it. Teague was plagued by turnovers, especially early in the year, but he is an athletic scoring point guard in the mold of his older brother, the Atlanta HawksJeff Teague."
  • Nick Gibson, Sheridan Hoops: "With Derrick Rose’s ACL on the mend into next season, the Bulls needed someone that could break down defenses off the dribble while Rose is out and be a solid back up once the 2011 MVP returns.  Teague is that guy."
  • Sean Deveney, Sporting News: "The Bulls had a hunch someone was going to slip through the cracks to them, but they didn’t figure that the crack would be big enough to fit Teague through. This could mean the end of the C.J. Watson era."
  • Sam Amick, Sports Illustrated: "It helps when high-level players happen to fall to you this deep in the draft, of course, but general manager Gar Forman and his team still had to make the right selection. And with point guard Derrick Rose likely to miss a significant part of next season with his ACL injury, Marquis Teague, the up-tempo floor general who led Kentucky to a national title, is as good as it was going to get at No. 29."
  • Alex Sonty, Blog-a-Bull: "His speed and method fit into how Tom Thibodeau likes his point guard to use the dribble to move the defense while others create off the ball, find lanes to drive, and finish with the confidence of trailing rebounders. And his physical attributes with a coach like Thibodeau makes the mind run wild of his potential as a defender."
  • Ashley Wijangco, Pippen' Ain't Easy: "Teague portrayed great skills at Kentucky, but he also had his flaws, which is reasonable for such a young player. His shooting was not very spectacular anywhere with averages of 41.2% from the field, 32.5% for three-point shooting, and 71.4% on free throws. Teague also experienced troubles while handling the basketball as he averaged 2.7 turnovers. Fortunately, he is still very young, and those are areas he will be able to improve in and continue to do so. At 19, Teague has much potential to make a name for himself in the league. With starting in every game and helping lead Kentucky to a championship, he has good experience to refer to. During the NBA Draft Combine, Teague was measured to be 6′ 2″ (with shoes) at a weight of 179 pounds. He has a vertical jump of 40.5 inches and ran the three-quarter court sprint in 3.16 seconds. This impressive performance was all the Bulls received from Teague seeing as they did not have him work out for them. Chicago management was surprised he was even available to select when their turn to draft a player came around. Teague himself shared the same shock."
That was just a few reactions ... look for more!
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Written by Darin Ford | 28 June 2012

"... And with the 29th pick in the 2012 NBA Draft the Chicago Bulls select Marquis Teague from the University of Kentucky!"

And so they did.

The Bulls came into the night with many speculations that they would ship off All-Star Luol Deng to a team like the Golden State Warriors in-return for a lottery pick. As always fans still churned out Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah trade scenarios too. But, tonight was all about sticking with the team and adding just one guy. Marquis Teague.

The 6-foot-2 long athletic point guard was targeted from the beginning of the pre-draft process by the Bulls once Derrick Rose's injury to his left ACL seemed detrimental to his status for the 2012-2013 season. With Teague, the Bulls now have a starting point guard for next season -- given C.J. Watson is waived, as expected -- and a solid back-up getting sixth-man minutes for years to come. Teague can score, flat-out score. His obscene quickness and ball-handling ability get him to the rim at will. (Something I noticed quickly watching him live at the Final Four.)

Marquis has a very similar play style to that of his brother, Jeff Teague, who was the starting point guard for the Atlanta Hawks this past season. Jeff's seemed to fit very well in the NBA. So, in mirror image, Marquis should as well.

Early this month I reported that Marquis Teague was a great "trade up and take scenario guy." We lucked out big with him falling to us late in the first round. In my original column, I expressed my comparison in situation between Marquis Teague and Darren Collison. Collison was drafted in '09 by the Hornets to solely be the long-term back-up for Chris Paul and eventually play up to 24 minutes a game off of the bench. That's exactly where I see Marquis fitting. His scoring ability and length will make it easy for him to be productive on offense along side Derrick Rose at times. However, when looking long-term, Teague fits on the team well and will. 

I love the situation that GM Gar Forman has put us in. Teague won't be D-Rose but he'll be a suffieicint temporary replacement until Rose's return.

After any sort of pick-up in a draft or sign in free agency, every player's trade value is analyzed. Marquis has the potential to be a hot commodity in the trade market if that situation would come up. Darren Collison was included in a big trade with some decently sized big names after just one year in the league. Maybe Teague could be tossed in that direction. For now though, he's a Bull. We're proud to have him!

Welcome Marquis Teague, welcome!

I would personally like to apologize to all of you readers and Chicago Bulls fans for nothing being posted on the site for over ten days. I've had basketball with my H.S. team and basketball camps for over 8 hours everyday. I've been swamped with trying to form a staff together and learning some things about the Bulls (obviously among many other things). Thank you for your kindness and acceptance as we prepare to assert our name into the elite Bloguin blog group. no comments

Written by Darin Ford | 28 June 2012

Checkout our live 2012 NBA Draft Coverage via Twitter and CoverItLive. Our coverage will be stemmed by Trent Lyons and myself. Enjoy! Please comment, tweet and weigh in!

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Written by Darin Ford | 15 June 2012

We've already done a stellar piece on Tony Wroten Jr. and you can read that here.

Yesterday, NBA.com released their second mock draft so far. In that mock draft they slotted very well and accurately based on fit, talent level and upside. Scott Howard-Cooper, the curator of the mock, made some good points and judgements throughout. I was shocked that he had Tony falling to us -- I think he's going to be taken in the 20, 23ish range. According to sources and his performance at the NBA Draft Combine he seems to be a promising player. Which, in reality, makes the cake even sweeter if he ends up with us at No. 29.

Howard-Cooper had this to say about Wroten Jr., "The potential to be a combo guard makes Wroten Jr. an attractive selection, with or without the health problems for Derrick Rose." High praise if you ask me. Short but sweet.

Be sure to read our previous story on Wroten Jr. and continue to share our stuff!  no comments

Written by Kyle Samples | 14 June 2012

While strolling along a Facebook page I ran across this question and thought it would be a great question to answer on here. If the Bulls were healthy would they be in the final vs. the Thunder or would the Heat still be there? Not a doubt in my mind says the Chicago Bulls would be facing off vs. the Thunder, and here is why... 

The Miami Heat have struggled through out these playoffs in all series ... the Bulls struggled and ended up losing vs. the 76ers but were down two key players (Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah). Dwayne Wade hasn't shown up in the playoffs which is a big reason why they are having troubles. Despite him not coming to play very often the Bulls won many games without Derrick in the regular season including a win in Miami. With Derrick on the court being in these playoffs they wouldn't stand a chance. 

The Bulls and Heat split the regular season match-ups 2-2. In the Playoffs the Heat have dipped and the Bulls come together great which gives me all the reason to believe the Heat wouldn't be in the finals tonight. I believe the Bulls would have had a great series vs. the Thunder. Now Lets cover the finals... it's not the Bulls but it's important. 

Game one... As usual the Mimi heat disappear late in the game, is that because the OKC defense shut them down and KD took control of the game? A lot of it is just that the Thunder came out HOT in the second half outscoring the Heat by a big margin in the second half of play. Kevin Durant had 36pts, 17 of those came in the fourth quarter. Westbrook dropped another 27pts in the game helping the Thunder big. Dwayne Wade tapped in 19 but went 7-19 from the field and 0-2 from behind the arc. LeBron James had a good game putting in 30 but it wasn't enough to shut down Durant and the Thunder. 

Game two... I predict LeBron to have another good game and Wade to have a slow start but pick-up after half. Kevin Durant, Westbrook, Harden, Ibaka are all going to play well helping the Thunder to another victory in game two tonight.

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Written by Darin Ford | 14 June 2012

According to NBADraft.net's consensus mock draft, the Bulls receive former Iowa State forward Royce White.

White is an absolute steal, he has top-10 talent. However, a lingering anxiety disorder that he deals with on a day-to-day basis has come up as a red light for a lot of NBA brass.

White is a Boris Diaw in a refined body. White is a much better athlete than Diaw. Diaw, who was once said to be the poor-man's LeBron James, has had a good career in the NBA. (A career that's been highlighted with a Most Improved Player of the Year award when he played for Phoenix.)

In the event that Royce beats this anxiety disorder he could end up being on of the best players from this draft class. He has the potential to be better than that of Terrence Jones, Perry Jones, Jeff Taylor and Moe Harkless.

Royce had a terrific career at Iowa State and looks to build on that moving forward in the NBA.

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Written by Darin Ford | 13 June 2012

Chad Ford of ESPN acclaimed John Jenkins once again as our guy at No. 29.

This is now the third time in a row he's done so and the fourth time we've reported that Jenkins could be our guy on 29DTP29. I personally am very high on his game. Apparently I'm not the only one.

Jenkins would fit exceptionally well in the Thibodeau system. He guards, can handle it, shoot well and is a winner -- all of which are attributes the Bulls need to add. What John can do is be a great glue guy for us. He's not going to be an All-Star but he can certainly be a guy we run a few sets for to get him some open shots.

Chad Ford said, "The Bulls need a shooter and Jenkins has one of the best strokes in the draft. His super-quick release and ability to finish at the basket make him an interesting prospect here," in his latest mock draft. I strongly agree with him and look forward to seeing more news pop-up around the Bulls and Jenkins.  no comments

Written by Darin Ford | 12 June 2012

The 6'10" 220 pound small forward from Baylor University is one lean mean machine. Quincy Miller is about as long as it gets on the perimeter in the NBA -- he'sFrom NBADraft.net fairly similar to Kevin Durant in that aspect.

Miller who suffered a torn ACL in high school didn't really live up to the hype as a freshman in college. Quincy actually announced that he would return to college ball for another year after Baylor lost in the NCAA Tournament but later had a change of heart and decided to forgo the rest of his college days and enter the NBA Draft.

Miller is far from a finished product -- much like Tony Wroten Jr. is. In the event that the Golden State Warroirs, Toronto Raptors or another team try to make a deal for forward Luol Deng, Miller could be a nice replacement. However, Miller would fit best as Luol's back-up for the next few years.

Miller's strengths are his upside, length and God-given talent. Whereas his weaknesses are along the lines of his body strength, maturity and his loss of quickness, explosiveness, speed et al since his surgery to repair his knee. His upside is huge, but the kid has a marginal risk -- which at No. 29 in the draft is a steal.

I like his skill set and think he'll be better than worse. Look for his name to pop around the Bulls' draft board more and more.

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Written by Darin Ford | 11 June 2012

According to Joe Kotcoh -- a reliable skilled columnist featured on ProBasketballDraft.com (his own site) and SheridanHoops.com -- has predicted the Bulls to select former UCSB guard Orlando Johnson on draft night with the twenty-ninth pick.

Kotoch acclaimed Johnson as the pick twice so far since the NBA Draft lottery order was set.

Read the excerpts:

Mock 1:

"Johnson is solid all around, capable of scoring from outside or finishing at the rim.  Good athlete with ideal size.  Could continue to rise up draft boards with good workouts."

Mock 2:

"Johnson was one of the best scorers in the NCAA last year with his good shooting touch and ability to get to the rim. Despite not being a household name, Johnson could be a very good fit on a Bulls team that needs scoring and a player who can create his own shot."

I previously wrote on Orlando and how he could be a sleeper pick for the Bulls in the upcoming draft. Read that here.

Well guys, that's all for today, we've had a lot of work to do at HQ as we're forming the rest of the staff et al. See you all soon.  no comments