BoozerAccording to Doug Thonus of ChicagoNow's Chicago Bulls Confidentail blog, there could be some silver-linings in amnestying forward Carlos Boozer this year, opposed to next year.

Thonus runs a highly touted blog on ChicagoNow that continuously gets large numbers of hits and comments per article. In this particular piece, Thonus breaks down the positives -- with some very minute negatives -- on the Bulls' possible off-season move of removing Boozer off the roster and his contract off the payroll.

So, the question is: Will the Bulls use the amnesty clause on Booz?

According to my sources, it's unlikely. However, from what's been tossed around the internet for the past couple months spells Y-E-S.

Carlos Boozer has 15 million dollars even coming his way next year -- with 15.3 and 16.8 million coming the following two years respectively. Throughout the year, many Bulls fans have said they want Boozer out via trade or amnesty. Behind Boozer in the depth chart is a long and athletic younger 6'9" forward named Taj Gibson that has made great strides ever since throwing on a Bulls uni. 

Does it make since to amnesty Boozer? In my eyes, yes. But I don't think it's a good move for the Bulls. With D-Rose out for possibly the entire 2012-2013 he may breakout as the team's new go-to-guy.

We'll cover the situation and keep pumping out news to you.

(We're still in the process of hiring our terrific staff and will have one of our correspondents cover the stories that transpire.)