Scott Machado isn't the most anticipated player coming out of college but he is definitely a versatile one. His strength is finding the open man for a shot, which is mainly why he led the NCAA in assists this past season (9.9 apg).

When Machado wasn't finding forward Mike Glover or guard Lamont Jones he transitioned his game to scoring helping him with an average of 13.6 points per game this season.

Machado reminds me of an non-flashy Rajon Rondo. He can pass great and has showed he can lead a team with post and perimeter scorers. No, he isn’t nearly as good as driving as Rondo, but seriously who is as a point guard?

Machado fits into the Bulls' roster because of what he has already showed in college. Consistently moving the ball and then bringing it together with a step back or a drive that keeps the defense on their toes as Derrick Rose did.

With Rose likely out all season and the unknown factor of C.J. Watson it wouldn't be a bad choice to invest in a point guard that can take in minutes quickly like he did for Iona.

Machado isn't the best point guard available, but when it comes down to needs the Bulls need to express the lack of depth at point guard without Rose. Even with Watson healthy he is aging putting Chicago at a need for a young guard that can potentially be in a sixth man role.

At pick 29 it wouldn't be much of a reach, but you don't have a big a risk of losing him before the selection. So, if Machado one of the top available and the Bulls still see a need then watch for his name to be called, there's no doubt Chicago would consider the idea.

Collin Wilson is a sophomore at Barnesville High School in Ohio. Wilson has been a sports writer since June 2011 and has worked with Darin Ford at every stop he's been. You can read more about Collin on our Staff page.