Will Barton is a 6'6" 185 pound lanky guard with skill and scoring ability from Memphis University. Barton is a good athlete with great size for his position (theFrom DraftExpress.com shooting guard).

Barton averaged 18 points per game along with 2.9 assists. DraftExpress.com says that in the best case scenario he ends up being Manny Harris -- which, is pretty good.

Barton will be a solid pro because he can score and is big for the perimeter. However, he needs to add strength and work on his passing in order to really thrive in the pros.

Checkout a quick story from Blog-a-Bull covering Barton (read the full here):

Barton has, coincidentally, been working out with John Lucas III in Houston to improve his shooting and ball handling. As an athletic 6-6 shooting guard, he's aware that he'll be called upon to do more with the ball, move smarter without it, and that being a great defender is his key to establishing a place in the NBA.

Unprompted about defense, specifically, Barton said of his pre-draft workouts: "Defense is real important in the NBA. If you can lock down someone, you can find minutes in a rotation."

After describing his strengths of creating good shots with his athleticism and putting the ball in the basket and how he's putting in two- and three-a-days, I asked what his greatest weakness is, and he was quick in a manner that was humble and genuine to say: "Consistency with my shot."