In the fifth edition of “THE DEBATE” I bring you Scottie Pippen and Andre Iguodala. The fourth article of the series, “THE DEBATE: Jordan vs. Scalabrine” can be found here.

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Pippen wins the scoring duel. Iggy just hasn't brought the scoring punch consistently throughout his career like Pip did while in his prime. Both players had above average three point games, shooting roughly 33% each from deep. The only knock on Pippen's scoring is his free throw consistency, 70% from the line in his career. Andre's is right around the 74 percentile.


Scottie will win the battle of boards as well. Once Jordan left the Bulls in '93-'94, Pippen lead the team in all five major categories, points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks. He easily should have won MVP that season, he didn't. Iguodala is a psychical rebounding forward, much like Pippen. Both having very strong upper bodies and both being able to leap above the rim. Andre's career average so far is 5.8 rebounds per nigh, whilst Pippen's average is 6.4 boards a night. Granted Iguodala's career is not over yet, I doubt he eclipse Pip's mark of 6.4 rebounds per game.

3.Ball handling/Passing:

This is a very close battle between the two players, but Pippen wins. When Jordan went out of the game Pippen practically became the team's point guard. It was a useful tool that the Bulls used, having a 6'8” player running the break and creating for others is always a plus. Andre also has very good passing skills, and he has decent handles. His average of assists per game is 4.9 though, Pippen barely beats him out at 5.2 per night.


Scottie will win this one as well. Pippen was considered the best defender in the NBA during the '90's. Which is quite true, in fact, Pippen, along with Jordan, took it upon himself to show up soon-to-be-teammate Toni Kukoc in the 1992 Olympic games. He told Sir Charles himself, Charles Barkley, that he wasn't going let the man dribble, shoot, or do anything. Sure enough Pippen bothered Kukoc enough to the point that he didn't want to bring the ball up the floor any more. Pippen had very fast hands, now that came with a few more fouls, but it was worth it. Iggy also has good reaction time, but not as good as Pippen's. Pippen has averaged at least two steals per game six times throughout his Hall of Fame career, while Iguodala has two seasons of that average.


33 wins, Scottie Pippen, the block battle between the two. Pippen takes defense to a whole new level, which is why he completes the sweep in blocks. He had amazing timing and leaping ability, key factors to becoming a good shot blocker. It seems like Pippen and Iggy both have a thing for playing defense. Something I love as a fan and student of the game. Both would and will hound you all game, sometimes making it difficult to dribble in Pippen's case. Both guys play with fire and passion on the defensive end.


Pippen wins, just due to the fact that he was able to put up twenty or more points per game four times in his wonderful and amazing career. Iguodala has yet to do so, highest average at 19.9 points, and most likely won't since his scoring totals keep dropping. Pip and 'Dre can do anything and everything on the offensive end, get boards, score, pass, set picks, anything to help your team win, they'll do it.


Pippen wins again, I'm not being biased or hating on Andre, it's the truth and the facts. Both are amazing defenders in their own rights, but Pippen defended from day one in the league and played in six NBA Finals'. Iguodala just made his first All-Star appearance this past season. Let's not forget that both guys have good footwork, quickness, and quick hands, the ingredients for a good or great defender.

I think it is time to compare some awards between the two guys...


7x All-Star, All-Star Game MVP, 3x All-NBA First Team, 2x All-NBA Second Team, 2x All-NBA Third Team, 8x NBA All-Defensive First Team, 2x NBA All-Defensive Second Team, NBA's 50 Greatest Players, Jersey retired by Chicago.


All-Star, NBA All-Defensive Second Team, Rookie Challenge MVP, NBA All-Rookie First Team

Iguodala clearly hasn't played the amount years or games as Pippen, but Pippen clearly will have more awards than Iguodala will have once he decides to hang 'em up.

I think you know who won this debate, Scottie Pippen comes out on top of this one...

T.J. Watson is a 16-year-old sports writer from Illinois. Watson, a huge Bulls fan,  is an aspiring NBA coach or GM. T.J. is very well versed in the game of hoops and has sound knowledge. 

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