Darryl Morey, Houston Rockets GM, targeted current Bulls center Omer Asik right out of the gate in free agency.

Morey put this tweet out on Twitter:

After the meeting concluded, there was a reported 4 year, $32 million dollar deal in front of Asik. Asik would be expected to be the Rockets' starting center after this upcoming season as Marcus Camby looks to finish out his career strong. There were a few bubbling rumors coming from around the web that he would only make up to $5 million in his inagural season.

The 7-foot Turkish center, Asik, is also expected to receive an offer from the Portland Trailblazers in the coming days despite drafting former Fighting Illini center 7'1" Myers Leonard in this years NBA Draft.

Asik could start for both squads in time. The Bulls obviously don't want to lose Asik this easily and will push for him to come back. According to Blog-a-Bull the team will indeed match Asik's offer even if it puts them above the luxury tax.

If you ask me, Asik is the NBA's best back-up 5-man. No question. So, there really is no surprise that he is being heavily courted early.