The Bulls have informed Kyle Korver on Sunday as to whether or not they will pick up his option for the 2012-2013 season. Until then the Bulls are exploring trades that would send the 3-point shooter to Atlanta or Minnesota.

A different source said the Bulls were exploring sign-and-trade possibilities that could send Kyle Korver to the Minnesota Timberwolves or Atlanta Hawks, although his return to the Bulls hasn't been ruled out. Kyle Korver averaged 8 points in 22 minutes a game and shot 43.5% from beyond-the-arc and would be a valuable asset to any team in need of a spot up shooter. Unless the Bulls can pull the trigger on Michael Redd or Gerald Green, my guess is he stays in Chicago.

According to Atlanta Hawks beat writer, Michael Cunningham: "The Hawks had interest in Kyle Korver, but he’s likely headed to Minnesota in a trade." In my opinion I believe we should keep Kyle Korver he is an asset on the arc and is improving immensely on the pick and roll jump shots, with him improving he has the potential to become a great part of the Chicago Bulls.

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