Yesterday we reported to you that Omer Asik received a 4 year $32 million dollar deal from the Houston Rockets. GM Darryl Morey was tweeting about his meeting with the center. Morey reached out to the Houston faithful asking them to tweet about Omer and urge him to bolt for the team in red and white using the hashtag #asik2houston.

Today, however, Houston officials indicated sources that Asik's final offer was modified to be a three-year $25 million dollar deal. The offer is improved to about $8.3 million dollars per season from the original outright $8 million.

In the initial -- or reported -- offer from the Rockets, only $5 million in the first year of his contract was guaranteed.

There hasn't been any hardcore notifications out of the Chicago Bulls camp that they will for sure match any offer that Asik may get. With that not guaranteed, there are a lot of questions revolving around the Bulls frontcourt for next season. Losing Asik essentially makes it three men deep. Those guys of course being Joakim Noah, Carlos Boozer and Taj Gibson.

Rumblings around the league have also linked the Blazers as another potential suitor for Asik. But now that seems highly unlikely due to the max-contract that Portland offered the 7'2" big-man Roy Hibbert. Omer makes sense to be the next guy on the list if Hibbert declines to join the Rose Garden Gang.

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