Hey Bulls Fans!

What an exciting homestand it was! A dominant 40-point win over the Grizzlies and a thrilling 4th-quarter comeback against the Hawks. The Bulls haven't been perfect, but things are starting to come together for a number of players. Carlos Boozer stepped up in the Memphis game for 17 points and 11 rebounds in basically one half of basketball. Derrick Rose led a charging comeback last night, and Luol Deng manned up for the game-winning shot.

Omer Asik continues to man up on a nightly basis, as well. Frankly, he's playing like he wears a Sheik in the bedroom. Not that I'd want to find out though. I like my men like I like my coffee: caramel macchiato with a touch of cinnamon.

Speaking of caramel macchiatos, John Lucas has moved into the Bulls' rotation after injuries to Rip Hamilton and CJ Watson. Lucas has three I's at the end of his name. I have two very good eyes since my daddy paid for Lasik surgery, but I still have a hard time spotting him on the floor without an ugly checkered suit on.

Those injuries have definitely taken their toll on the Bulls' backcourt, though. You could see how tired Rose and Deng were getting near the end of the 4th quarter last night, having played over 40 minutes apiece. I honestly don't have much sympathy, though. I mean, how tired do you think I was, having to get up and dance during every single one of those time outs? You almost wish that they'd play a little more than a few seconds of basketball between them. I mean, give a girl a break once in a while.

It was a thrilling win though. You could just feel the electricity out there when the Bulls were gaining momentum.

People sometimes ask me how much us cheerleaders have to do with big comeback wins. I usually just smile and say nothing because on the sideline we aren't supposed to say anything other than "Let's go Bulls!" And sometimes "Come on, Bulls!" Oh, and of course "DEEE-FENSE!" That one's Coach Thibodeau's favorite.

But on the inside I'm saying that I know damn well I had something to do with that comeback.

You can't have comeback spirit without some major spirit fingers. And let me tell you, my spirit fingers are veterans, honed through years of cheerleading and dance team-ing. Back in high school, these finely-manicured digits were instrumental in some major come-from-behind victories for Niles West football. Well, it was either them or Rashard Mendenhall. But I'm pretty sure it was the fingers.

Tonight the Bulls go to the Palace of Auburn Hills to play the Pistons. And I will be able to rest up from a long night of dancing while trying to figure out how any building in Detroit can rightfully be called a palace. And watch Revenge. Of course. Rip Hamilton might also be looking forward to revenge if he's able to return from his injury tonight. Hamilton spent the last nine seasons with the Pistons before coming to the Bulls.

Detroit is 2-3 on the year and coming off an 89-78 home win over Orlando. Under first-year head coach Lawrence Frank, they've held opponents under 88 points through 3 of their first 5 games. Playing against Detroit is a lot like going to a club in River North. There are a lot of large men throwing themselves at you and smothering you with pressure until you give it up to them. Of course by "it" I mean the basketball. And don't you get any ideas. When me and my girls go out, we take good care of the rock.

Speaking of taking care of the rock, my friend Julie just got engaged this weekend! OMG! How exciting is that?! Also speaking of taking care of the rock, the Pistons are getting great play from their point guard, Rodney Stuckey, who is averaging 5.4 assists per game with a very efficient 2.5 assist-to-turnover ratio.

But the Pistons were led to victory last night by former Bull Ben Gordon, who scored a game-high 26 points and is averaging 18.0 ppg on the season. He is a dangerous scorer who can light it up from the perimeter.

In the post, Detroit features another former Bull, Ben Wallace. He's doing his second tour with the Pistons, just like my ex-boyfriend who did a second tour of his senior year at Niles West. Ugh, I don't know what I ever saw in him. The Pistons see size and toughness in Wallace, but just like my ex, his second time through has been much less eventful than the first. Wallace might be hard to recognize to some fans because the size of his hair has gone down with the size of his minutes. He's averaging just under 15 min a game, but expect him and Chicago native Jason Maxiell to see a lot of time off the bench against our Bulls.

The Pistons' bigs dominated the glass against Orlando and will try unsuccessfully to do the same tonight. Starting center Greg Monroe and Swedish-born forward Jonas Jerebko are both averaging around 8 rebounds per game. Like The Swede from the show Hell on Wheels, I don't think Jerebko is as tough as he looks.  Common is soooo hot in that show, BTW.

Speaking of shows, I have to go watch my TiVo'd episode of New Girl from last night. That Zooey Dechanel is so quirky! Of course, I have no idea why so many scrawny men with bangs find her attractive. But she is quirky.

My prediction for this game: Bulls 85, Pistons 79

Hugs 'N Kisses,


"NOTE: Tammy is a fictional character and is not meant to resemble any actual person, Luvabull or otherwise. Feel free to use your imagination, though."