I'm back from Mexico after a week, and it's nice to see the Bulls come out strong and handle the Pacers tonight in Indy 99-86.

You've heard a lot from Tom Thibodeau regarding hustle and energy, and the Bulls came out with energy tonight, taking a 12-point lead into halftime.  D. Rose started the game off by connecting on four shots for 8 points.  

UPDATE - Apparently, I lost everything that I wrote on the article, but I'll quickly recap.

Kurt Thomas had a huge game, collecting 18 rebounds, and even he looked more active.   Even though his shot hasn't been falling, he's helping in other ways.  Same with Kyle Korver, who had a tough game shooting, but he made a couple nice passes that led to Bulls layups.  

The bench, which has played better as of late, was key in the game.  CJ Watson distributed and ran the offense very well for the Bulls tonight.  Ronnie Brewer and Taj Gibson were thrown into the lineup early due to foul trouble, and they came out with energy, especially Taj who had six quick points on dunks.

Anyways, I wanted to do a quick poll here at HttH.  Out of these five, who would you want as the Bulls starting 2G?

Ronnie Brewer
Courtney Lee
JR Smith
Tony Allen
Anthony Parker

Also, you might have heard that the Heat visit the UC to play the Bulls.  I wonder how the fans will take this one.