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First of all: welcome back NBA! It was a long offseason for Bulls fans coming off that stunning 4th quarter collapse to Miami in Game 5. The lockout didn’t help matters, but hey, listening to Chris Broussard trying to explain labor negotiations was entertaining. But we’re back now and the staff here at HTTH is committed to bringing our loyal followers the same great coverage we gave you last year.

I’m going to start off my first post of the season by talking about Lebron James and Kevin Durant. That’s appropriate for a Bulls blog, right? How stupid was that flag football game last night? Especially when you consider that the lockout HAD JUST ENDED! I expect this from Lebron, but Durant should know better. While teams are scrambling to get ready for the season, LBJ is mocking Stevie Johnson mocking Plaxico Burress in a flag football game against his buddies. I think Skip Bayless is actually pretty spot on when he talks about Lebron and I absolutely agree with him when he says “Lebron just wants to be an entertainer, not a title holder.” He loves to tell us how hungry he is for a championship, but he never actually SHOWS us how hungry he is for a championship. That was his rationale for bolting for Miami right? To win a championship? Because it seems like he is a lot more interested in pre-season smoke parties and enjoying south beach.

Michael Jordan always spent the offseason improving his game. Even when he was on top of the world, he was working to get better. If he had embarrassed himself in the NBA finals like Lebron did last year can you imagine him playing in a flag football game for his own entertainment 3 weeks before the regular season starts? Absolutely not. He once said, “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” Michael made it happen. Lebron wishes it would happen, but only if he can still be a spoiled celebrity. What should you do, Lebron? How about actually working for something for the first time in your life?

Meanwhile, I continue to love everything I’m hearing about Derrick Rose. Is he the best player in the league? No, the guy I just spent a couple of paragraphs bashing is. But Derrick is continuing to work to get better. He’s flying under the radar, which I think is exactly the way he wants it. Have you ever seen an MVP get less attention? Ask a national guy who the top 5 players in the league are and you’ll probably get – Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Kobe Bryant, and Dwight Howard right away. Then when they stop and think they will remember who the MVP is and the finals MVP (another guy who doesn’t get enough credit.)

But Derrick keeps quietly working. Look at what Thibodeau said about him today, “The one thing about Derrick is you know he’s going to be in the gym every day. You know he’s going to study. He’s going to watch film. He challenges himself. I expect him to be great this year. He showed last year how great he is. The challenge is to do it again and do it better. And I think he will. He’s our leader.” We saw how much Derrick improved during the last offseason. He improved tremendously with his outside shot. He improved so much that he won the MVP? But he’s not satisfied. I love that attitude. I hate 90% of the NBA, but I love this team.

Bulls Rumors

  • Caron Butler is very interested in the Bulls. He spent the offseason working out in Chicago and according to one close source (courtesy of K.C Johnson) said this morning, “I hope I don’t have to leave.” Butler played only 29 games for the Champion Mavericks last year, shooting 45% from the field and 43% from behind the arc. He average 15 points per game. Even if the Bulls add Butler, they could still bring Keith Bogans back in a backup role.
  • According to K.C Johnson, Jerry Reinsdorf would give strong consideration to paying the NBA’s luxury tax if he could acquire a player who gave the team a reasonable chance to win a championship.
  • The team has reportedly made extending Derrick Rose their top priority.