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Welcome all to Horns to the Hardwood, a site about the Chicago Bulls.  After reading Another Cubs Blog for the past year, I felt that if I were to start a reputable blog, it would be through Bloguin.  If you ask why, just look at the banner.  The support of Bloguin is great, and are dedicated to this site as much as I am.  I'm incredibly fortunate to have a blog with them.  If you're new to Bloguin, check out their homepage and their sites here.  

Most of the discussion on here will be done in the comments.  If you watch a Bulls game, and just want to gush about how great Derrick Rose is at finishing at the rim, the comments are yours.  If you want to complain about why Ronnie Brewer got $12 million, please do.  You want to cuss and swear?  Go ahead, I don't care.  You disagree with anything written?  Dispute it.  You want to write a sarcastic post?  Absolutely. Nothing's personal (afterall, it is the internet) and I feel you should say whatever you want.

Again, welcome to HttH.  The site is almost ready, just a few finishing touches are left.