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The Chicago Bulls fell to the Orlando Magic 107-78 on Wednesday night at the United Center, spoiling Carlos Boozer's debut.  In the loss, the Bulls gathered only 21 miserable rebounds, the all-time low for any game in Bulls history.

This will be short, as I usually don't write post-game articles like you see in the newspaper.  That's what K.C. Johnson gets paid for.  And the Bulls played like shit tonight, so there's not a lot to say.
The Bulls just seemed flat tonight, even though Carlos Boozer returned from injury.  The energy that Kendall Gill and Scottie Pippen predicted just wasn't there.  

There's going to be a bit of an adjustment with Boozer, and you could see that he wasn't himself tonight.  He scored five points on 2-5 shooting in 20 minutes.  There was a play in the 2nd quarter where he went to shoot a turnaround jumper, and the ball was partially deflected.  He couldn't maintain possession, and the ball slipped out of his hands, and led to a fast break bucket for the Magic.  

But even without Boozer, they didn't look in sync offensively.  I attribute that to lack of energy, but give a lot of credit to Orlando's defense.  They're long on the perimeter, and have a big shot blocker in the middle.  Howard's presence was key on the glass, and in the paint, too.  He completely changed the Bulls offense.

And the defense wasn't very good, surrendering 107 points.  Again, the Magic killed the Bulls on the boards, outrebounding them 44-21.  This allowed the Magic control the whole game.

These games are going to happen to the Bulls.  They're not the best team in the East, but probably still top 4.  The adjustments will be made, and the Bulls will start to flow again soon.  Hopefully, as soon as this Friday, when the Bulls go to Boston.