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Not feeling the best today so this one is going to be quick.  And frankly, there really isn't much to say about this one.

The Bulls won, and that's the main thing.  I'm not concerned by the sloppy play, just disappointed.  The Bulls should have won this game going away, at least by 15 or 20.  There is not one person on the Cavs that would start on the Bulls this year.  They're terrible.  They shoot poorly, play bad defense, don't rebound particularly well, and are slow.  

I'm not ready to put the Bulls into "Best in the East" conversation yet because they play down to the competition.  Once that improves, then we can put them in that discussion.  Free throws almost cost the Bulls the game tonight yet again.  Defense just seems to fall asleep for three or four possessions at a time, too.

Anyways, back to the actual game.  Watching from the fourth quarter on, it felt as if the Bulls were playing 5-on-3.  Derrick Rose, Kyle Korver and Ronnie Brewer vs. Cleveland.  Rose had a good game, but a great fourth quarter, willing his team to victory on the road.  Kyle Korver scored 10 straight Bulls points, and he did it from 3, from mid-range and even had a layup.  Ronnie Brewer's best attribute is his activity, and he was very active tonight.  But he also had a near triple-double with 9 points, 8 boards and 6 steals.  I won't mention the 4 turnovers, though.

Other than those three, everyone else played like shit.  Maybe it was the awful weather in Cleveland, maybe it was a trap game.  Either way, Loszach called the close win and the lethargic play.  Hats off to you, and I hope you bet on Cleveland as a reward.

Again, I hate to write negative articles after a win, but neither team really deserved this one.  

My final gripe of the night goes to the fans and media that say Luol is having a great year.  Look, I really like Luol, and I think he's been more active this year, but he's not having a great year.  He's PER is his worst since his rookie year, and that's because he's shooting 68% from the line and 42.5% from the floor.  There are only THREE games where he's shot over 50%.  Three.  He's also getting 6.7 reb per 40 minutes.  Last year, he was at 7.7, and he's playing more minutes 4 this year due to the injury to Boozer early on.  Because the Bulls already get next to nothing from Keith Bogans at SG, Luol Deng needs to be more productive offensively.  It's not about getting him shots, it's about him making the shots he gets.  

On to Friday night, when the Bulls host the Lakers.  We played with them for 43 minutes in LA without Boozer.  Boozer's already made the difference in the rematch with OKC, let's hope he's the difference vs. LA.  Beat LA.